Friday, September 10, 2010

Wholesale dress competition ending soon!

So excited I am in 3rd place! I would REALLY love to place 2nd or first so keep those comments coming!
For those of you whou have sent your friends thank you SO much! PLEASE spread the word, i would like another 100-150 comments to secure my place in this contest for atleast 2nd!

thank you all again for your support!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Neglecting this already

Wow! totally forgot about this blog :(

I must admit, I have been REALLY busy lately. Will try and keep up with this more often!

In the mean time everything has been going well! In a very cheerful mood the past few days! I am working on lots of new projects :)

Oh and thank you all for the comments for the essay competition with wholesale dress!!! Its going GREAT and a winner is chosen in september!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wholesale-dress $500 essay competition!

This is the official entry for the essay competition! Please leave a comment below to help in our chances to win!!! Even if it is just a simple hello, good job or good luck!

My shopping experience with wholesale-dress!
Finding a reliable, trusting, and experienced wholesale company is hard to come by. For years wholesale-dress has been a reliable and pleasant company to do business with!
I remember my very first purchase with wholesale-dress. A representative contacted me immediately with a welcoming email and letting me know they were available for help anytime. I felt very comfortable dealing with a company that truly cared enough about tier customers to make sure they were 100% satisfied with tier purchase and shopping experience.
The customer service at wholesale-dress has always been amazing. They reply very quickly to any email or questions that I have, I always receive conformation and updates on the status of my order which makes my shopping experience extremely easy and comforting. Knowing that a company is there to help you and keep you updated on your order is very impressive for a customer.
The products that wholesale-dress supplies for my company is amazing quality. the prices are affordable and allows my company to share the affordable pricing with my customers. My clients are extremely pleased with the quality of the products they purchase, and are always complimenting on new styles that are released! I have purchased many items for myself, and overtime I wear them I receive so many compliments and questions asking where I purchased them from!
The shipping rates that wholesale-dress provides is extremely affordable and prices fairly! Normally, companies that ship internationally charge a high shipping rate and it makes purchasing too expensive. Wholesale-dress has the lowest shipping rates available which is a big plus to customers like myself who purchase from overseas!
Overall wholesale-dress is a superior company that I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase these types of items. They are reliable and trusting, their customer service is amazing and The quality of the items surpass any other distributor I have ever ordered from.
I would like to thank wholesale-dress for being such a great company to work with, and you surely have a customer for life!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


There is a GIANT mushroom growing rapidly in the back yard. HUGE, i am talking like...2 feet tall.
Okay, maybe not TWO feet tall but at least 12 inches in height! I think I am going to photograph it tomorrow!

I am VERY excited about my new sewing machine! Oh did i tell you all? I am buying a sewing machine to *attempt* to sew a few skirts and dresses. Now, since I don't even know how to sew with a basic needle and thread this might be a little challenging for me LOL. or maybe it will be easier? Who knows!

Will post pictures of those pieces when they are finished (Oh, and the mushroom too!)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thursday! it is thursay!!! that means tomorrow is friday!!!! :) it will be a very productive weekend for Brightside. We will be signing up for a local market fair this weekend!

lets see, what is new?

Big brother starts tonight (I am very excited, i have been waiting for months)

Had a photoshoot yesterday, Pictures taken by my amazing fiance! he is talented eh?

Entering these into the wholesale-dress contest.
Can not wait!
Essay is being looked over now for final touches and I should have it submitted tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wholsale-dress competition!!!!

I will be entering a chance to win $500, a contest hosted by one of my suppliers!!!!

There are 3 parts to the contest.
1- essay portion. I have to write a brief essay about my experience with the company.
2- photos- photos modeling some of their items.
3- comments. After I finish my essay I will post it here, BG and facebook. The MORE comments I recieve will make my chances of winning better!

I would appreciate everyone's support on this and when the story is posted, if you could drop a line or two just saying good job, or good luck,etc that would be GREAT!
Will post links when it is up!



Very excited to start this blog! please pass along the link and get your friends to follow!!!!